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Afghanistan Information at Workstations at Maryland: Lists of Afghanistan embassies around the world and Afghan frequently asked questions, map, flag and pictures of the country, news can be found in this site. You can also read the country information from Groliers Encyclopedia and CIA Factbook.

AME Info: Arabian Middle East Business Information

Asia Internet Report: A business guide to Asia's Internet Business. It's a round up of the latest happenings on the use and provision of the Internet services in the region. A generic listing of Asia businesses, travel information, news, shopping guide are some of the information you can find in this site.

Asia Trade: Asia's premier business and leisure online directories.

Asian Business Network: Offers a comprehensive list of links related to Asia. Links are also categorized by the name of the country.

Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand: Detailed information on countries in the Pacific region, especially ASEAN countries. Information consists of FAQs, background notes, business practices, travel information.

Austrian Business Information Center: Offers everything you need to know about Austria.

Australian National University: A comprehensive selection of listing and links on almost all the countries in the world, including the Asia continent.

Bangkok Post: Check out today's edition of a leading newspaper in Thailand.

Bangladesh Information Home Page at University of Delaware: A comprehensive listing of information on Bangladesh - travel, food, economy, government, geography, history.

Basic Russian and downloading Cyrillic Fonts: A place to download Cyrillic Fonts for Win 3.1, 3.11 and 95.

BizLink Home Page - Doing business in Hong Kong: This link provides trade contacts service and basic trading information, eg background on doing business in HK, list of companies in HK, etc.

Brazil Biz - Brazilian Business Connection Informs the Internet WWW user of the presence of Brazilian companies who offer their services in Brazil and abroad.

Business Opportunities in Canada: Categories such as businesses looking for dealers, representatives, agents, wholesalers, distributors and franchises can be found here.

Business Related Links in Russia: Please explore the various databases, information and communications resources listed.

China Home Page: Text on Chinese music, foreign companies addresses and phone numbers in China, comprehensive tour information divided according to the provinces can be found here.

Czech Information Center: Internet's premier Czech information resource for everybody, Updated daily!

Digital Silk Road of the 21st century: This site provides one with a comprehensive online travel guide to Asia. It includes essential hotel listings, hostelling, health information, weather.

Economic Development Resources: World Economic and Business Development Resources for all regions and countries from MidAtlantic Electronic Commerce Institute.

Egypt's Tourism Net - Cairo Cafe: Check out transformation of English Letters to Hieroglyphic.

English-Turkish Directory

Estonian Economics A comprehensive links to Estonian Economics

Europages: 150,000 companies listed. Available in five languages.

European Commission Surveys: Different issues of Europinion Continuous Tracking Survey (CTS) can be found here.

Euro Links: European Web Promotion and Internet marketing

Europe: Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center: Country Resources listed by the name of the country.

European Search Engine:

Finding news about China: One is able to read Chinese news digest electronic publications, eg Hua Xia Wen Zhai - a weekly Chinese language journal containing comments and analysis of Chinese current affairs; CND-Globe - an English-language bulletin containing articles about Chinese current affairs from the Western and Chinese press; China Spring and general news from BBC, ITV, Daily telegraph, etc.

Foreign Language Resource Center: Check our site for the latest in Software, Literary Texts and Pointers to other useful language-related WWW sites.

Foreign Languages for Travelers

Free Translation Services: from or to German, Spanish, French, English, Italian.

German Literature Online: Also includes search engine for 1700 books.

Germany: A Home Page which contains comprehensive information about Germany.

Global Biz: Alliance of Global Business Exchange: The Alliance of Global Business Exchange promotes international business networking through key contacts and resources listed online.

Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC): An independent, non-governmental initiative involving diverse communications industry leaders from developing as well as industrialized countries.

Global Village: Visit the different areas in The Village to learn more about communicating from your computer, including faxing, accessing on-line services and the Internet, and connecting to remote networks.

Hong Kong Business directory at FarEast Com: Comprehensive lists of more than 123,000 firms active in Hong Kong are gathered here.

Hong Kong Exporters Directory: Consists of over 500 companies offering more than 10,000 products.

India Online Business Page: Useful resources and business leads can be found here - investment opportunities, buyers's requirements, export offerings, joint-ventures offerings, and business services.

Indonesia Business Online: A must-see for anyone interested in Indonesia. With clickable imagemaps, navigation is intuitive.

Indonesia Restaurant Online Directory

Industry Canada: function is to provide policy advice, industry sector information and business services.

Japan: US-Japan Technology Management Center.

Japan Window Project: A US-Japan Collaboration for Internet-based Japan Information.

Japanese Home Page: General information on Japan , eg geography, trade, economics, culture. You can also find link to Japanese universities and commercial sites listed here.

The Kaleidoscope of Japan: Comprehensive information on Japan, eg geography, nature, history, politics, education, trade, culture, can be found here. Also available in Japanese.

Korea: General information on Korea - location, government, language, education. Also available in Korean.

Language Resources Page: A comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources.

Learning Basic Russian for Free: A new lesson available each week yet still allow newcomers access to previous lessons if they join the 'virtual' classroom already in progress.

Links S.r.l.: Italian politics on-line.

Malaysia Economy Home Page: View a comprehensive information about doing business in Malaysia.

Malaysia Information highway at Malaysia Institute of Microelectronic Systems: This guide offers available information resources about Malaysia. General information such as historical background, immigration, economy, tourism, cultural, religion, etc are made available here.

Nepal Home Page at Dartmouth College: General information including Nepal Digest, an electronic journal on news and discussions on issues pertaining to Nepal. A list of internet nodes in Nepal, Nepali Calendar, Nepal Facts and Figures can also be found here.

NetQuest 21: Korean sites.

Pakistan Home Page at Michigan Technological University: General information sports, cricket, foreign companies, Pakistan news (electronic journal), faqs, images, food, URDU, Pakistani consulates in the US. Offers links to other web sites.

Singapore Online Guide at National Computer Board: Comprehensive information on Singapore eg facts and figures, people, culture, food, tours, hotels, shopping guide, maps of Singapore. You can browse through SOG, an electronic version of Singapore Official Guide to find what more about Singapore. You can also try Interactive Tour Agent to get customised tour of Singapore.

Sri Lanka Home Page at Cardiff: General information on Sri Lanka, eg FAQs, tourism, music, cricket, attractions. Views of Sri Lanka from the shuttle.

Thailand: Thai News agency, general information, travel information, pictures, education, list of hotels in Bangkok. Includes aspects of Thailand's society, culture, history, economics or Thai-related information resources.

Thailand: Trade on Line: View View the business directory, stock exchange, Jewelry Stores and featured companies from Thaniland.

Thailand Yellow Pages: Features a Business Listing (over 20,000 companies in over 1,500 categories), Travel Guide, Business news and information, Shopping mart, Media Guide, and much more useful information about Thailand.

Trade Port: The premier international trade website on the Internet.

University of Missouri, St Louis: Information such as international business practices on business organisations, export, import, foreign investment, taxation, useful contacts is listed here. See Section 3.

VIETNAM BUSINESS JOURNAL: Useful information and insightful analysis on doing business in Vietnam.

YAHOO at University of Stanford: Regional Info/Counries This site listed more than 1066 countries, with all sorts of information on a particular country. It also points out links to some of the sites included in this section.

YAHOO at University of Stanford: Society and Culture: The section on Society and Cultures includes a few surprises. For example, on Japan, it includes how to roll your sushi; sumo; Japan edge - on Japanese Street and Underground culture information.

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