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Small Business Resources
A collection of sites that support the small business with a variety of resources, ranging from obtaining funding and venture capital, to finding international resources and support for entering the era of electronic commerce.

Local/Federal Business Development
A list of government agencies (federal, state and local) that support business and economic development are provided in this section.

Investment Resources
This section provided access to sites providing advice ranging from Canadian and off-shore investments to links that discuss nearly any kind of investment one wishes to consider to evaluate.

International Resources
Additional resources are provided here to support businesses interested in entering the global market, or expanding their global market presence.

Job Classifieds/Recruitment
One of the many success stories of the Internet has been support for job placing and employment advertising on the World Wide Web. If you are looking for a new position submit your resume to some of the sites in this section. If you are recruiting for an individual with unique qualifications, or need to fill hundreds of positions, this section is for you.

School-To-Work Programs Discussion Group
Share your ideas, ask for advice, or just enjoy online discussion.
Come and join your group of interest in our Conference Room

Online Marketing Resources
A wealth of material that supports marketing and promotion of Web sites, products and services on the World Wide Web are provided here.

Electronic Commerce
The Internet enables a business to advertise, market and promote its products and services to customers, vendors and suppliers worldwide. Access information on how to take advantage of this new medium.

Law Library
Locate law resources applicable to businesses here.

Chambers of Commerce
A list of Chambers of Commerce information useful to The Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber and its membership is available here.

Academic Resources
Resources available from colleges and universities to support small business can be found in this section.

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