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Vice President of Leadership Development
Eric Gates of Apex Home Loans

March 18, 2015
We are pleased to continue our Leadership Luncheon series with Mary Beall Adler, set for Wednesday, March 18th. Mary is not only a local business owner, but a published author, accomplished cyclist and a certified coach teaching people how to live creative lives. Originally we had asked Dr. Majid Fotuhi of NeurExpand to be our last speaker of the year, however due to unexpected issues, they have decided to close their operations in Chevy Chase and Columbia and therefore Dr. Fotuhi will not be speaking. Please let Gloria or me know if you have suggested leaders in our community that would make a good fit for our last speaker of the year.

BOD nominations are upon us. The Nominating Committee meetings are set and the members of the committee have been invited to serve. Announcements have been made to the membership and we are expecting many responses. The applications have changed slightly and all nominees are asked to get signatures of three Board members who support their applications. Board members are asked to sign off on no more than two applications.