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Chamber Committees

As a Member of the Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce, we encourage you to join and get involved in one or more of the Chamber Committees. The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber has several committees that meet on a regular basis to plan the events and activities of the Chamber. Participation on a committee is open to all Chamber Members and is a great way to make professional contacts within the organization. Please review the description of the committees and decide which one would benefit from your participation.

Commercial Real Estate Forum
(Date & Time varies each quarter)
The Commercial Real Estate Forum meets quarterly to discuss the ever changing market of real estate. This is a way for the developers and agents to stay on top of what is happening and when it will be happening in our community.

Community Development Committee
(2nd Thursday of each month – 8 a.m.)
The Community Development Committee reaches out to assist those in our own back yard. The Chamber is a liaison between local businesses and the not-for-profit community. The Committee works with organizations such as the American Red Cross in co-sponsoring blood drives during the holidays and Community Clean Up Day that is held in the fall of each year.

Cultural Arts Committee
(3rd Friday of each month – 8 a.m.)
The Cultural Arts Committee works toward educating the local businesses and community regarding the variety of arts related opportunities in and around our community. The Committee is currently working on establishing a "Cultural Arts District" in Bethesda.

Economic Development & Government Relations Committee
(2nd Tuesday of each month – 8 a.m.)
The Economic Development & Government Relations Committee has a proactive approach to ensuring that business needs are being met in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Friendship Heights and throughout Montgomery County. The Committee actively monitors legislative activity and recommends necessary legislation that will be beneficial to the business community.

Education Committee
(4th Wednesday of each month – 8 a.m.)
The Education Committee plans the Annual Career Partnership Day—an event that introduces local high school students to business leaders in their potential career field throughout the community. Additional projects include organizing the Chamber’s Speakers Bureau and developing seminars for both the students and teachers.

Membership Committee
(3rd Tuesday of each month – 8 a.m.)
If you are in sales or want to make additional business connections, then you need to join the Chamber’s Membership Committee. The Chamber’s Membership Committee gives you warm leads to business leaders in the community that are interested in finding out more about the Chamber and what we do. The Committee plans ways to attract new businesses to participate in the community and get involved in the Chamber.

Parking & Transportation Committee
(1st Tuesday of each month – 8 a.m.)
This Committee focuses on parking policies and transportation issues in our community. The Committee’s responsibilities include evaluating the mixture of short and long term parking available, lobbying for additional parking to be built as well as working on the "Way Finding Program" with the Bethesda Urban Partnership. This is done by working closely with Montgomery County officials, developers and local business owners.

Seminar Committee
(3rd Thursday of each month – 8 a.m.)
Keeping the business community up-to-date on issues that will assist them to continue to profit is our goal. The Committee has developed monthly "Smart Business Seminars" covering a variety of topics, such as: Web Design & Hosting; Taking Your Business Public; Human Resource Challenges; How To Work With A Lawyer; and Sexual Harassment-How To Avoid It. The Committee looks toward the Chamber Membership for all of our presenters. This is an excellent opportunity for a business to market themselves to other business leaders in the community.

Senior Market Forum
(2nd Tuesday of each month – 8 a.m.)
The Senior Market Forum meets to identify networking opportunities for businesses focused on the senior market. The Committee selects topics of interest regarding the Senior Market and provides speakers to educate those working in this industry.

Special Events Committee (Date and time varies with each special project)
The Chamber has several special events that are planned throughout the year. These events include our Annual Business Expo & Trade Show, the Annual Golf & Tennis Classic, the Annual Installation & Awards Dinner, Casino Night, Back To Bethesda and our Goodwill Dinner. These events are great ways for our businesses to promote themselves to the community and to each other.

Technology Resource Committee
(2nd Monday & 4th Thursday of each month
– 8 a.m.)
The Technology Resource Committee is one of our fastest growing Committees. This group of business leaders focuses on educating the local businesses on changes that are occurring in the industry and how they can benefit from those changes. The Committee hosts seminars and workshops throughout the year to share this information with the Membership of the Chamber. The Committee works to educate the business community on the importance of having a Web Site, e-mail and the potential business that can and is being done via e-commerce.

The Committee is also working on enhancing the relationship between the Chamber and the Maryland High Technology Council. We will strive to increase our ability to co-sponsor high-profile tech related events within Montgomery County. As an additional goal of the Committee, we will work toward increasing awareness of technology companies in our community that are resources for small to large companies that are Members of the Chamber.

If you’d like to join one of our committees or to learn more send us an e-mail
[email protected]

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