An alcohol problem at home has many impacts at work. Our workplace workshops can help.

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Substance abuse has many impacts on the workplace. Employees who come to work impaired or "hung over," or who worry about another family member, or who grew up in alcoholic homes, can be a source of difficulties.

However, knowledge and skills can make a big difference. That's where the Family Support Center can help. We are a nonprofit organization with a strong track record of providing flexible, cost-effective training and support services to help families and organizations prevent, recognize, and overcome problems.

Our workshops are available singly or as a series, at lunch time or other times, to a large or small group. Designed for use in business, professional, nonprofit, and public agency settings, our workshops can help improve teamwork, morale, productivity, and customer service.

  • Alcoholism as a Family Disease. A disease that comes in many disguises. Common features with other addictions. Impacts on family and the workplace. Practical responses for coworkers and families.
  • When COAs Come to Work. How the workplace becomes a home away from home for many children of alcoholics. The negative impacts on coworkers. Useful response strategies for COAs and coworkers.
  • When Someone You Care About Drinks or Drugs Too Much. How you are affected at work and home by an alcohol or other drug problem in a coworker, family member, or friend. How to confront the issues and intervene.
  • Drawing the Line on Under-21Alcohol Use. Our innovative prevention workshops have already reached more than 40 school communities. They are available for your organization also.
  • Identifying and Communicating with the Troubled Employee. Although substance abuse problems are all too common, an employee's difficulties can have another source. This workshop provides practical guidance and referrals for a wide variety of problems.

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Family Support Center, Inc.

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